When will 5G launch in the UK?

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When will 5G launch in the UK?

5G is the next generation of mobile communications, designed to meet the needs of the massive increase in mobile use and streaming that the world has seen over the last five years.

Mobile networks are going to be expected to handle more data across more devices and 5G has been designed to meet these needs by pooling bandwidth to boost range and speed.

Apple are testing 5G wireless technologies in the US suggesting a future iPhone will run on 5G, and Nokia have taken a step closer to 5G mobile networks by announcing it is bringing 4.5G Pro to mobile operators. Ericsson and Orange announced they are working on the development and testing of 5G based on Orange’s network, using Ericsson 5G technology, while Samsung is involved in 5G research, including a 5G router for the home, which supports a top data rate of 1Gbps.

According to a recent report from the National Infrastructure Commission, 5G means “seamless connectivity. Ultra-fast, ultra-reliable, ultra-high capacity transmitting at super low latency. It will support the ever larger data requirements of the existing network and new applications from augmented reality to connected vehicles and the Internet of Things, and many more, as unknowable today as the 4G services we take for granted would have been a decade ago.”

5G will have average speeds of 100Mbps and it is expected to start rolling out globally in 2020, however the UK isn’t ready for 5G so we may be some way behind. In the Uk we can only access 4G 53 per cent of the time so we’re a long way off achieving national 5G speeds.

Philip Hammond announced a commitment to 5G in last Autumn’s Statement. He dedicated £740m to be used for the development of 5G, but mentioned no set launch date for the 5G service so hopefully we catch up soon.

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