UK mobile phone users being ripped off by providers

mobile phone users ripped off by providers UK

UK mobile phone users being ripped off by providers

Consumer watchdogs have warned that mobile phone users are often being overcharged by some of the UK’s biggest phone contract providers

Citizens Advice says at least six million mobile phone contract holders are being charged for mobile phones they have already paid for.

Providers do not tell them they have finished paying off the cost of the phone and only need to continue paying for calls, texts and data.

Three of the four largest mobile phone providers, Vodafone, EE and Three, have been urged to stop the practice by the Government and Citizen Advice while regulator Ofcom could enforce action next year.

One in three customers on ‘handset-inclusive’ mobile phone contracts continue to pay beyond the minimum term of their contract. Some providers reduce the cost of the monthly fee after the phone has been paid for, however some continue to charge around £22 a month (and £38 a month for smartphones such as iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Xperia XZ Premium).

There are currently no rules to force providers to change the fees to “sim only” rates once the phone has been paid for.

Make sure you don’t get caught out by checking your contract end of term date… or buy your phone from us and get yourself a cheaper sim-only deal to start with and avoid being ripped off altogether.

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